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the skin it will certainly burn. >> no one was injured in that spill. after firefighters neutralized the acid the company will have to hire a contractor to remove the contamination. roosevelt leftwich abc 2 news. thanks a lot rosie. tonight a man is charged with the murder in the death of his ex-wife for a crime investigators say he tried to cover up by starting a fire inside her apartment in columbia. don harrison has the very latest. >> reporter: howard county police charged a man with murder and arson. damon white stabbed ex-wife 35 year-old selma wynn. >> what we understand happened was there was a domestic dispute, and the suspect is accused of stabbing the victim to death. >> reporter: after stabbing police believe mr. white set the apartment on fire. they say they have several pieces of evidence to work with. >> our investigators have found evidence at the scene both that the suspect was involved in stabbing the victim and that he was involved in setting the fire after he did
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so. we don't have specific details to release about those pieces of evidence, but we are analyzing the knife and the fire investigators have seen evidence inside the apartment that the fire was intentionally set. >> reporter: 6 units of the apartment complex have also been declared unsafe. mr. white is still in shock trauma. when he's released from there they will arrest and book him and take him to the detention center. he'll remain there until his trial. in howard county don harrison for abc 2 news. wynn has four children ranging from age from 6 to 7 years old. next week a congressional committee will look into the failure of police departments nationwide to investigate rape cases. the senate crime and drug subcommittee asked representatives of the office of violence against women to appear in washington to talk about the problem. the baltimore sun reported in july that baltimore led the nation in the percentage of rape cases which police concluded the victim was lying.
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since then mayor stephanie rawlings-blake ordered an audit of rape cases by the police department. a baltimore county family hopes facebook and craigslist will help them find the person who severely injured their loved one. it was a hit-and-run happened 3 weeks in baltimore. that put bobby ross in a coma. brian kuebler joins us more on how the family is looking for answers on their own. >> reporter: it was august 15th a sunday at noon. ross was crossing guilford street at center when he was struck by a car. according to witnesses the driver stopped but then sped off. three weeks later now ross is still in a coma his family is left with plenty of questions but absolutely no answers. not from witnesses, not from police. just this week they started posting craigslist ads and even an entry this on our facebook page hoping someone can help figure out who did this and why. >> someone saw something they can come forward or they know the person that did this and they can come forward.
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>> reporter: meanwhile the doctors are unsure of ross' prognosis they say he suffered serious brain damage and right now can barely communicate. brian kuebler abc 2 news. tonight baltimore city police are investigating a crash involving an officer happened around 10:00 this morning. police tell us the officer was going northbound on rowan avenue and collided with another car that was traveling westbound in north baltimore. both were taken to hospitals with nonlife-threatening injuries. warm and windy day out there across the state today. temperatures back up in the low 90s. cold front pushing through as we speak, and the cooler air will arrive in here later tonight i promise you that. big changes, but for now we're still warm out there. take a look 92 downtown inner harbor 89 from annapolis we've got 94 hot degrees down in washington. these are not record breaking numbers, but above average by about 10 to 12 degrees at least. you can see the clouds off to
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the out some. that's our cool front. so the cooler air beginning to make its way into the state. and as we go into the evening hours winds turning from south to northwest. will drop the numbers down. i do want to show you though our evening forecast here 60s, clear and windy. sunset coming up at 7:26 tonight. again so it's a slow cool off into the 80s. but it will be much cooler by late evening into the overnight we'll talk about that and when we might see some much needed rain around here. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. well bp is giving itself some of the blame but it also blames other companies employees and a complex series of failures that caused the gulf oil spill. the company posted the internal report on its web site even though a key piece of equipment, the blowout preventer hasn't been fully analyzed. the explosion killed 11 workers and sent 206 million balances of oil spewing from the
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undersea well. the construction crews have installed a 70-foot column of steel from the world trade center at ground zero. saturday marks the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. the column l hawaii has been set up at the entrance of the september 11th memorial museum. officials hope the memorial will be open next year in time for the 10th anniversary. it will feature reflecting pool and a wall with a list of all the victims names. just blocks away the battle over the proposed mosque and cultural center is still brewing. the muslim cleric behind the project is determined to move forward. t. j. win nick reports this 5th anniversary may be more noted for new passions actually stirred up by a florida pastor who again has refused unanimous pleas to give up on his plan to burn copies of the quran. >> reporter: florida pastor terry james will go forward
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with his quran burning ceremony. >> as of this time we have no intention of canceling. >> reporter: for the second time in 24 hours secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the demonstration planned to be held at the duff world outreach. >> . >> it's regrettable that a pastor in gainesville florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distress full disgrace full plan and get the world's attention. >> reporter: the burning of the muslim holy book would be the latest demonstration targeting muslims nationwide. this morning in a new york times the am an says if america backs down from constructing the center we see the discourse in essentially our future to radicals on both sides.
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the par dime of a clash between the west and muslim world will continue. host minority leader john bay nor links the two issues saying he is against both. >> just because you have a right to do something in america does not mean it is the right thing to do. >> reporter: pastor has received over a hundred death threats and he is now carrying a .40 caliber handgun. our fertility series continues this week. justiceal carriers are giving some women the dream they thought they would never have. and it may seem like a harmless prank but laser pointers can be a matter of life or death when they are pointed at an aircraft. plus we ensure ourselves against car crashes what about insurance of a broken heart. baltimore 80 degrees from orr yell park. wyatt has your complete
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. a lot of women getting pregnant is a life-long dream. because of health issues some women just aren't physically able to carry a child. in tonight's take five series on infertility how gestational carriers are giving hope to couples who desperately want to have a baby. >> because i mean, growing up i would have never thought this would be me. >> reporter: life took an unexpected turn for kristin jag do you ski. her stream to become a mom shattered with one call from her doctor. >> i was told as a child having cystic fibrosis there was a good chance i would not be fertile. >> reporter: her doctor told her because of her cystic fibrosis it would not be safe for kristin to get pregnant.
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she and her husband decided to look into adoption until she got a phone call from her best friend jennifer that would change everything. >> she said, hey kristin, i've been thinking, i've talked to my husband, we've been praying about it and she said i want to carry a babe for,. >> reporter: she couldn't believe what she was hearing. >> i said i got to talk to my husband. i hung up i went upstairs and i said you would not believe what just happened. i told him that night and we're like it feels right. >> reporter: it feels reich because kristin and jennifer had been through everything together. they grew up sharing special moments. jennifer a mother herself was offering to be kristin's gestational carrier. >> that's when someone will carry a pregnancy for a woman who cannot do it herself. kristin's doctor says it was a perfect fit. >> she was young she had good eggs we were able to do in
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vitro fertilization on kristin and place an embryo into her best friend. >> reporter: a baby is on the way for kristin and her husband. they are expecting in february. >> when that child is here aim going to love that child so much more because this valley that we've gone through this long journey, i feel like there's a reason you go through the valleys. i think, you know, it makes being up on top of that mountain so much more worthwhile. amazing story. tomorrow on good morning maryland we're going to take a look at in vitro fertilization and why it was the right choice for one local family. we're also counting down the days until komen maryland's race for the cure. this year it's set for sunday october 3rd. abc 2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. head to our web site
5:14 pm when you get there look at the very top of the page and click on the lifestyle tab, and then scroll down to the right and click on think pink. a new report links february's record breaking blizzard and other big storms to global warming. the organization environment maryland believes global warming could lead to extreme weather becoming even more common in the future. the report finds that the first 8 months of this year maryland had major weather events including snowstorm then drought. environmental organization wants the obama administration to put global warming and fuel efficiency standards into place. > ingenuity. it's one of the easiest ways to put global warming. >> environment maryland says the standards could slash oil use as well as save marylanders
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at the gas pump. i've had my share of extreme wet this year. >> it's funny we have a tour group here in the studio. 2010 had been an extreme year of weather in maryland. by golly. >> the snow. >> blizzards 2 or 3 obviously. think about the heat waves tornado warnings earl last week. >> we've had enough. >> we can coast as far as i'm concerned. 70 and sunny the rest of the year let's dot. outside right now close to that actually. temperatures a little warm right now but they will be cooling down. nice breeze out on the harbor. check it out man. somebody has a good day underway doing a little sailing on the water. 91 degrees now bwi. check out that humidity 16%. very dry air already moving in. the cooler air will funnel in later tonight. but that front has already
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pushed through and dropped our humidity big time. winds west at 18 right now. so it is a little breezy little gusty. i don't remember weather net camera. this is early this morning. we time lapse through the day. we did have a little morning cloud cover but did not get any rain out of this front passing through just the wind shaking the trees a little bit there. out to mt. airy beautiful start this morning breezy day deep blue skies you had to love that. and last but not least chesapeake beach clouds a little slower to clear along the water but they did left with a beautiful day. a warm day too. look at these numbers. 91 baltimore, 91 from dulles. very, very warm counties 10 the to 12 degrees above average. temperatures beginning to drop humidity already bone dry statewide. in fact first thing tomorrow morning going to be breezy and much cooler. maybe you break out the lip balm it will be very, very dry air. temperatures dropping north and
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west of us. >> you can see 87 new york now but the cooler air has already punched in as far as western pennsylvania altoona pittsburgh look 70s. we're hanging on to the warm air here across most of the state but it's not going to be much longer before that cool air punches in out of the west. clear skies though beautiful weather. i think this dry stuff is going to hold up for another day or two at least into the weekend. overall the trend is a quiet weather pattern. again that front pushing through the cool air not really in here yet but it will funnel in early in september we tend to get the front coming through then it takes another 12 hours or more for the cool air to really come in behind the initial boundary. but our forecast model keeping us nice and clear tonight. few clouds at times tomorrow but for the most part relatively quiet and then into the day on friday, again mix' sun and clouds quiet day both of the next two days i don't think we ever get out of the upper 70s of much cooler at night. 50s. outer bushs maybe outer 40s.
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we got to take you out to the tropics. i want to show you the atlantic satellite. we're clear immediately offshore of the east coast of the u. s. but a new wave off of the african cold front there. this is tropical storm igor. this storm expected to become a hurricane over the next 24 to 48 hours. final track relative to us a big unknown but we'll be tracking igor as he makes his way out into the open atlantic. 57 tonight few clouds. plaintiff cooler. it's going to take a while to get there. we've got more warm hours ahead this evening. tomorrow 78 mostly sunny skies nice day but you're going to notice how mild it's going to be. tomorrow night 54 cooler out there. daybreak on friday there will be a chill in the air. 7-day forecast here's how it shapes up as we depo forward in time. the outlook definitely dry and cooler into the weekend. we've got a chance for showers, a slim one but we'll take it.
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saturday night into early sunday looking like it could be a little rainy around here rain we could really use. we actually hope that happens even though it's a saturday and early sunday. kelly. >> thanks wyatt. well tonight at sundown people at the jewish faith around the world will celebrate rosh hashanah an a. it means the head of the year. it is one of the holilyest days of the year. morning sickness it is not fun but it is a natural part of pregnancy for many women. >> results of a new study coming up in tonight's health alert. plus new information about the safety of your child's booster seats. what you need to know as a parent.
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. we have a ton new stories all coming your way at 5:30. i'm roosevelt leftwich. law enforcement throughout maryland take aim at those laser point years they say fun and games can become a matter of life and death if they are in the wrong hands. plus more and more being a flight attendant seems like not so glamorous a job these days. meet the flight attendant who said she had to use food stamps to make ends meet. and some advice guys make sure you tighten up those the way you cut a rug could make or break a love connection. those stories and wyatt's dancing forecast all ahead at 5:30. in tonight's health alert morning sickness refers to the nausea and vomiting many women experience in the first couple of weeks of pregnancy. researchers say no current treatments have been proven
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safe and effective. details from dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: morning sickness is a natural part of pregnancy that affects about half of all women in their first trimester. despite the variety of treatments available too ease the discomfort, a new stud free the cochran group found that there are currently no reliable safe and effective methods to relieve morning sickness. the study included 27 clinical trials with more than 4,000 women and examined the effects of treatment such as acupuncture vitamin b6 and anti- vomiting drugs. while some treatments appear to have mild benefits the results were inconsistent it was difficult to draw firm conclusions. in one study some improvements were made from ago you stimulation which is a mild electrical stimulation used on the body to control nausea and vomiting. ginger has long been a popular herbal remedy but studies shows
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limited evidence that it actually curbed sickness and shown to cause heartburn in some women. with this medical minute i'm dr. timothy johnson. well parents check out your child's those we have a very important recall to tell you about. that's coming up in abc 2 news at 5:30 which starts in just 2 minutes. i'm bob ehrlich.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work. . fun and games can become a matter of life and death when people target their aircraft with laser pointers. good evening i'm roosevelt leftwich. last month ocean city banned the sale of laser pointers.
5:28 pm
jeff hager tells us pilots from law enforcement agencies throughout the state gathered in martin state airport to give us a firsthand look at a laser pointers potentially deadly effects. >> reporter: when they climb aboard these 4.5-ton helicopters with 1600 horse power whirling above their heads. time is of the essence. >> if someone is involved in a very bad accident seconds are critical. if the pilot has to wait to readjust his eyes when he's committed to making a landing seconds are critical. >> reporter: pilings are taking aim at people who would target them in the air with laser pointers. >> to quote a famous quote houston we have a problem. baltimore we have a problem. >> reporter: 6 times in the baltimore area pilots have become victims of the lasers. >> i can tell you firsthand it
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was very disconcerting very disor crating. >> reporter: pools decided to give us a firsthand look. >> shut the lights off. you good. >> i'm in dark now. >> reporter: with the chopper submerged in darkness you can see the brilliant green light bouncing on the pilot and reflecting off of shiny objects inside the cockpit. miss taking blinding effect when it's in the eyes. >> you have your climb rate and descent. >> reporter: pilots can be blindsed up to 30 seconds making it difficult to guide their aircraft. >> you have to watch all the instruments across the flight station and then have to land and then on top of all that you're providing critical care to the patient and the medic in the back trying to save this person's life. >> reporter: at martin state airport jeff hager abc 2 news. >> in the recent incident in western baltimore county police

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